About Us

Serendipity Preschool is a private, non-profit preschool located in Norwalk, IA. We have three preschool classes available to our area preschoolers. We share our space, but are not affiliated, with Norwalk United Methodist Church.


We are a level 5 in the state's Quality Rating System (QRS), providing high-quality preschool to our community preschoolers. We believe that every child is an individual and should be treated as one. Their learning path is as unique as they are. We foster their creativity and allow for individual learning experiences.


Serendipity Preschool uses The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD, a research-based curriculum and assessment tool. We also use Al's Pals as our social-emotional curriculum paired with a social-skills curriculum through the LEAP program, Pre-K Fundations for literacy and writing (which is also used in Norwalk in the K-2 classrooms), Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, and Early Childhood Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (EC-PBIS). 


In 2009, Serendipity Preschool began partnering with Norwalk Community Schools for the Universal Preschool Program. Under this grant awarded to the district from the State of Iowa, children who are four-years-old on or before September 15 of the school year qualify for free preschool. We work closely with our community partners involved to help provide high-quality preschool for all children before entering Kindergarten.


Serendipity Preschool offers hands-on learning experiences in the form of child-directed classroom experiences, field trip experiences, visitors from the community and much more! Register with us today!