About us

Serendipity is a non-profit preschool serving our Norwalk area community preschoolers since 1974. We are a level 5 QRS and believe in providing quality preschool to our area preschoolers.


We have three programs at Serendipity Preschool. One class for three year olds and two class otions for four year olds. Each class uses the Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD for assessment.

Meet our staff

Our staff of only four teachers ensures that there is always a familiar face for your child at Serendipity Preschool. We provide a comfortable environment for your child and truly get to know your child as an individual.

Contact us

We look forward to assisting you with your questions about our program!

Serendipity Preschool is now on summer break. You may get in touch with us by email - saracross.


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