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We are so very grateful for all our families at Serendipity Preschool. Thank you for sharing your children with us! 


Serendipity Preschool Handbook

Private Facebook Group

We take photos of the children when we are able (with written permission obtained in intake paperwork) and upload them to our private Facebook page. Only our Serendipity families are approved to be part of the group. If you are a current family of Serendipity Preschool, click the link below to join!

Ask to join HERE! 


Are you a current Serendipity family and need help paying tuition?

Tution Scholarship Paperwork for  families   (for NON-UNIVERSAL PRESCHOOL families)

Looking for full-day childcare?

Click here- CCR&R can help with this process! 

Are you concerned about your child's development?

Click here to make a referral to Heartland AEA

Do you need assistance accessing food?

Click here for Norwalk Food Pantry information

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